The Fashion Tag

1) I love to shop for my clothes at... (Name 3 stores)
• Primark

2) Name a store you often visit but don't often buy from

3) What was the last accessory you purchased?
A pastel coloured statement necklace from Primark

4) Do you own something you have never worn?
Currently yes, a pair of soft wool shorts that I purchased for a special occasion (so they will get worn, promise!)

5) Which describes you the most...
    A) I put a lot of thought into what I wear
    B) I just throw my clothes on quickly
    C) I just like to be comfortable
Definitely A, I love to plan outfits and am always interested in what the latest trend is.

6) If I could, I would wear... every day
Skinny jeans- they're just so easy!

7) My closet is mostly full of...
Blouses and jumpers! 

8) The most comfortable item of clothing I own is my...
Soft fluffy mint green jumper

9) What hat would you never ever wear?
Even in sport I could never ever pull off a baseball cap! I envy anyone that can pull off those bad boys!

10) What is your style?
I really didn't know how to describe my style so I actually googled it and took a quiz (I'm so sad) and the results are... DRUM ROLL PLEASE! ...On trend, girly and glamorous! 

11) What is your favourite t-shirt?
My plain black tee that says 'love pugs not drugs' on it in bold white writing

12) What is your favourite dress?
At the moment I am loving my black straight cut dress that has open cut shoulders and little zebras printed over it

13) What is your fav sweater?
At the moment that would be my super soft grey knitted jumper that has a white bunny on it

14) What are your favourite pair of shoes?
My suede chunky black boots that have 3 inch heels

15) What is your favourite bag?
My nude Mulberry clutch bag

16) What is your favourite accessory?
My rose gold Michael Kors watch

So that is my fashion tag complete! It's just 16 questions and I tag all of you (my beautiful followers) to do this as well! 


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    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :-)

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  3. Those slippers are so adorable ! Lovely pictures! xx


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    1. That means so much to me thank you! X

  6. Gorgeous pastel colors :)



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