Alpaca Trekking!

Ernest giving me eskimo kisses
When my mum asked me if I wanted to do anything special for my 18th birthday I think she was expecting a reply most teenagers would give, a house party, pub crawl, or going out clubbing with friends. So you can imagine the surprise on her face when I announced I would like to go alpaca trekking!

Despite the uneasy grin on my dads face followed by a nervous laugh, the day was planned and booked!

On the crisp sunny morning of the 30th November we all pulled our wellies on and bundled into the car ready for our alpaca experience.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by our alpaca guide and let into the alpacas paddocks to meet them while learning some cool facts about them.

Despite being under the impression that alpacas spit these little guys were super friendly and full of character!  It turned out that llamas gave alpacas the bad reputation of spitting and that alpacas only ever spit if they feel threatened and trapped.

After playing with them all in the field we all chose an alpaca each to be paired up with and take for a wander.

Me and Munchie

I would love to inform you all on how long the trek was and where we went but the alpacas were so entertaining that I spent way too much time laughing to keep track of anything!

Munchie and Crunchie


Munchie and Toffee

After our trek we headed back for tea and biscuits while we learnt about the business side of alpacas, the benefits of using alpaca wool and the many things that could be produced from it.

It was a truly fabulous day out that was enjoyed by all of us (even my dad was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed it!) and I wouldn't have wanted to spend my 18th any other way :D 



Boohoo Christmas Party

When I got told the date and dress code for my works Christmas party the first thing I did was head over to boohoo.com.  Whenever I need a dress this is the first place I will go to, they always have the biggest range of dresses in different shapes and sizes to highlight your best assets, and not to mention prices that don't blow your bank!
For me, Christmas parties are all about glitter and glamour, a night filled with drinks and laughter and a night to look your best.  Working in the horse racing industry I spend most of my days with my hair shoved up in a messy pony tail, bare faced, wearing a baggy t-shirt that's generally covered in some form of horse snot or poo and steel toe cap boots- mmm sexy!  So I really wanted to take this opportunity to actually dress attractively and remind my colleagues that believe it or not I am of the female gender and I can actually smell of something more pleasant than sweaty horses!  (I'm really selling my job here I know!)

So without further ado here are my top picks...


Of course no outfit is complete without some killer heels and some diamonds!  These are just nine of my favourite heels and accessories that are fit for a fabulous female to flaunt at a Christmas party!

Which items would you wear to a Christmas party?


Huntingdon Racecourse 02.11.14

On Sunday I went to my first jumps meeting at Huntingdon.  As soon as I arrived I realised it was a totally different atmosphere to all the flat racing courses that I had been to over the summer.  First of all the dress code was much more relaxed, with most people wearing tweed coats and boots, it was clear that warmth and comfort was a lot more important to people than looking good! 
The races, being longer, meant each race wasn't over in the matter of seconds.  Despite the races being longer the air was still full of excitement as the horses charged over the fences, everyone holding their breathe each time the horse was in mid flight.
I found the day went on a lot longer due to there being more time in between each race, I actually preferred this as it gave you time to watch the horses in the pre parade ring, then put your bet on before running to get a spot as close to the winning post as possible.
The course itself was designed so that you could see the jockeys as they dismounted and walked over to the weighing room.  This gave me a chance to take a cheeky selfie with one of my favourite jump jockeys, Sam Twiston-Davies.

I had a truly awesome day and enjoyed every second of it!  Below are a few more photos I took during the day...

Have you ever been to the races? 


Festive Present Wrapping on a Budget!


Red, green & white craft twine- The Works

20 Gift Tags- Poundland

Wrapping paper- Poundland

Merry Christmas 3D sticker- The Works

Red decoration- Poundland
Red ribbon- Tesco

Reindeer name wrapping paper- Tesco

Glittery red gift tag- Tesco

20 Gift Tags- Poundland

Set of ribbons & sticky decorations- Poundland

Pre Strung Luggage Tags- WHSmith

Set of ribbons- Poundland

So today it is exactly 8 weeks until Christmas!  WAHOOOO!  And I am very proud to say I have purchased and wrapped nearly half of my presents!  I know Christmas is a time for giving and receiving but for me its all about the giving.  I get such satisfaction from choosing each persons presents and then carefully wrapping them in festive coloured ribbon. 
Being a student, as per, I am doing everything on a budget, from the gift tags to the ribbon, my plan was to save as much money as possible so I had more to spend on peoples presents.  I found Poundland did a lovely range of matching gift wrap which I was over the moon with as, of course, each item only cost £1!  I have found the products good high quality with a sufficient length of ribbon on the reel of cardboard, so none of this running out of ribbon half way through wrapping up malarkey!
Links to the places I shopped: 
The Works: www.theworks.co.uk
Which type of person are you, the leaving it until the 24th December to buy presents type or the super organised "forget Halloween, Christmas is coming!" person?  Let me know in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for more festive posts!


Victoria & Antony 20/09/14

Victoria & Antony
20th September 2014.  Crabbs Barn, Kelvedon Essex

I wanted to share with you guys some of the beautiful photos David the photographer took at my cousins wedding.  It was such a beautiful day and I really feel like he captured some of the best bits!

The photos were saved off the website so aren't the highest quality (oops) but it gives you an idea of what a talented man he is.

Me, my cousin Cheryl & the maid of honour Danni getting ready

The flower girl, Mia

The mother of the bride working her magic making the final adjustments to the dress

Fancy feet

The blushing bride
The newly weds

Me and my dad

The bride & groom, bridesmaids & groomsmen

The page boys, Olly & Harry with Mia the flower girl
Cuddles under the arch way

Walking the grounds

The mother of the bride

A kiss in the arch way
Time for the afternoon meal
Me at the afternoon meal
The bride having a giggle with her bridesmaids
The first dance as a married couple

Me & Jay

A toast to the newly weds

A beautiful evening shot to sum up the day

If you are a fan of David's photos feel free to check out his website: http://david-islip-photography.co.uk/ and see some more of his stunning work.