Instagram Diary #2

Shabby chic book keepsake box Plush bed time quote Love  and rose petal cushions Pearls and roses The morning of the wedding Bridal suite Browsing an interior design magazine Pre wedding manicure Pre wedding pedicure Trying the new coca cola life   Bubbley bottle  Backstabbers quote

 Mint and pink Date night  Re kindling my love for drawing Deer circus drawing Nachos at Sgt Peppers Welcome home card I purchased for my house mate Naughty treats Knits and nails My face q Trout pout Mansion in the woods  I'm a sucker for cadburys chocolate

Just to make this instagram diary slightly more interesting I have selected a few of my favourite accounts that I follow & thought I would share them with you. 





If you want a follow on Instagram follow me (@kierstenduke) and then comment your Instagram name in the comments below this post :-)  

Looking forward to discovering some new accounts, it's always good to freshen up that news feed! 


Mr and Mrs Nog ♥ 20/09/14

On the 20th September 2014 my beautiful cousin Vikki married her boyfriend of 9 1/2 years Nog (Antony).

It was at Crabbs Barn in Essex and it was one of the most stunning weddings I've ever seen.  One of the things that impressed me the most on the day was actually the bridal suite, something I wasn't expecting! It was so pretty I turned round to my boyfriend and said "please let our future bedroom look like this?!" Surprisingly he actually agreed it was really sweet, so without out rambling on too much about it I shall let you guys see for yourselves this gorgeous room.

So what do you beauties think? Let me know in the comments if you would like to see how I'd design this type of room if I was moving into my own house and how you can achieve this look too :-)


My Autumn Wish List

So in just 6 days its officially my favourite time of the year!  I can't wait to be working outside in the slightly cooler weather, walking through the crunchy orange leaves and snuggling up in the evening surrounded by cinnamon scented candles, sipping hot chocolate, under a soft blanket!  -Bliss!

I'm so excited for autumn that I have officially created my autumn wish list for 2014 and of course am super excited to share it with you all and have a good chin wag about your favourite things to do in autumn!  So without further ado...

   1.  Light grey chunky knit beanie hat- River Island
 2.  Limited edition fluro pink tartan scarf- River Island
 3.  Cinnamon appleberry large jar candle- Yankee Candle
4.  Dress to Kilt nail polish- Essie
 5.  Ethnic print blanket wrap- New Look
 6.  Skin luminizer foundation- Max Factor
 7.  Sony HX300 camera- SONY
8.  Blue faux fur collar oversized wool coat- River Island


The Fashion Tag

1) I love to shop for my clothes at... (Name 3 stores)
• Primark

2) Name a store you often visit but don't often buy from

3) What was the last accessory you purchased?
A pastel coloured statement necklace from Primark

4) Do you own something you have never worn?
Currently yes, a pair of soft wool shorts that I purchased for a special occasion (so they will get worn, promise!)

5) Which describes you the most...
    A) I put a lot of thought into what I wear
    B) I just throw my clothes on quickly
    C) I just like to be comfortable
Definitely A, I love to plan outfits and am always interested in what the latest trend is.

6) If I could, I would wear... every day
Skinny jeans- they're just so easy!

7) My closet is mostly full of...
Blouses and jumpers! 

8) The most comfortable item of clothing I own is my...
Soft fluffy mint green jumper

9) What hat would you never ever wear?
Even in sport I could never ever pull off a baseball cap! I envy anyone that can pull off those bad boys!

10) What is your style?
I really didn't know how to describe my style so I actually googled it and took a quiz (I'm so sad) and the results are... DRUM ROLL PLEASE! ...On trend, girly and glamorous! 

11) What is your favourite t-shirt?
My plain black tee that says 'love pugs not drugs' on it in bold white writing

12) What is your favourite dress?
At the moment I am loving my black straight cut dress that has open cut shoulders and little zebras printed over it

13) What is your fav sweater?
At the moment that would be my super soft grey knitted jumper that has a white bunny on it

14) What are your favourite pair of shoes?
My suede chunky black boots that have 3 inch heels

15) What is your favourite bag?
My nude Mulberry clutch bag

16) What is your favourite accessory?
My rose gold Michael Kors watch

So that is my fashion tag complete! It's just 16 questions and I tag all of you (my beautiful followers) to do this as well! 


Have a little 'me' time!

Every so often I think it's really important to just put a day aside and take time out of your busy schedule to just spend a day being selfish!  Switch your phone off and let the day just revolve around you, treat yourself to some pampering and take a day off that diet you read about in the paper!

Here are a few things I like to do while having me time :-)

Catching up with my friends over a *insert your fav coffee shop here*

Treating myself and my boyfriend to a well earned meal out!

Adding a drawing or two to my sketch book (not a born artist I know but hey, if you enjoy it who cares!)

What do you, yes you my lovely readers like to do when you get some spare time on your hands?