Woburn Safari Park

Located in Woburn, Bedfordshire is over 300 acres of parkland, home to hundreds of wild animals.  From lions to shetland ponies, baboons to sea lions, this safari park has everything to offer.  With a safari drive through in the comfort of your own car you can get up close and personal with rhinos, baboons, lions, wolves and much more.  This is by far my favourite part of the park, it allows you to take amazing photos of the animals with paths to drive along right next to the fields the animals are grazing in.  There are no fences to block your view and having rhinos stroll along within centimetres of your car, is a really surreal feeling.

Another highlight of the safari park is the walk through aviaries filled with emus, wallabies and ostriches.  Being used to humans the animals are very calm and are happy for you to stroll past them and take a few photos within a foot of them.  If you go around the right time of year (after summer) you should catch an eye of a few baby wallabies or two!


There are multiple walk through cages, one being full of adorable spider monkeys!  I would highly advise being present at their feeding time as its a chance to get some great photos as eating seems to be the only time these little chaps stay still! ...Oh and when I say still, I mean pausing for about 2 seconds to grab a handful of food before stuffing it in their mouths and scurrying off putting a gymnastics display on for all to see.  There is no doubt these little fellas are highly entertaining and provide endless giggles and squeals from the little kids watching. 


If up close and personal isn't for you then a relaxed stroll around the zoo might be.  With animals in enclosures its perfect for those that aren't hands on and allows for more good photo opportunities. 

From road safari's, foot safari's, feeding and keeper demonstrations to outdoor activities such as the treetops action trial to soft play areas for kids, this place is worth every penny. 

With plenty of places to stop and rest as well as grab a bite to eat this really is the perfect day out for all and I would highly recommend it as a family day out.


  1. this is beautiful, my children would love this

  2. This place looks amazing! Great pictures, too. Love the monkey ones :)


    1. Aw thanks :D it's an awesome place :D

  3. we love getting up close to animals, this place looks like just the place for us!


    1. Definitely go for it :D you'll really enjoy it :D


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